Don’t forget Ferguson.

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Infinite Hoops


Infinite Hoops

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so anywya yea don’t too many of u unfollow, pls :((

and special shoutouts to the handful of mutuals who always kept it 💯

which is also a shame bc im jus getting comfortable with selfies but oh well, better for yall

also I’m gonna have to quit tumblr for a bit and im scared

im in 21 hrs of upper lvl classes and starting a couple 30-40pg theses cause I wanna graduate with a buncha cords bc I was a shithead in high school and my mom would be really proud so yea I g2g on break :(

i have these pink undies but theyr a lil tiny but they also make me feel a lil thicc so everything really does work out in the end I guess

I hope I don’t forget everything