Infinite Hoops


Infinite Hoops

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so anywya yea don’t too many of u unfollow, pls :((

and special shoutouts to the handful of mutuals who always kept it 💯

which is also a shame bc im jus getting comfortable with selfies but oh well, better for yall

also I’m gonna have to quit tumblr for a bit and im scared

im in 21 hrs of upper lvl classes and starting a couple 30-40pg theses cause I wanna graduate with a buncha cords bc I was a shithead in high school and my mom would be really proud so yea I g2g on break :(

i have these pink undies but theyr a lil tiny but they also make me feel a lil thicc so everything really does work out in the end I guess

I hope I don’t forget everything

and the man on the connecting flight from Berlin to Munich on the way back to barajas. he was in his early 60s, id say. I was trying really hard to project my lack of interest in him or his stories, but he sat next to me, and wasn’t taking no for an answer. i removed my headphones. he told me about his wrestling days, about the time he hooked up with a girl in Finland, at her place, and the next day he was woken by her parents coming into the room. surprise! they offered him breakfast.

he was an intelligent dude. extremely well-traveled. on the plane, he flirted with stewardesses, subtly, with a weird, fatherly charm. he got us both extra complimentary beers, twice.

i ate my first toblerone. he gave advice on what kind of girl I should marry. his son is very successful at business. I don’t remember his face.

another is in rome, I went to a restaurant around midday and the folk next to me came in right after I had ordered, they were 2 American highschooler girls on vacation or something.
they were the worst.
I had ordered in Spanish bc in Italy it was usually better received. they tried speaking to me in poor Spanish, I admitted We’re from the same place. I finished my meal in silence. the best calzone I’ll ever have. after they were done, the owner (I think) and I bonded abt how terrible they were. I couldn’t quite understand her Italian, save for a few things I found intelligible. she couldn’t quite understand me either. we were completely in agreement