the dude who is only at the concert to perform his knowledge of lyrics to the crowd, shirtless
sit down, man

the girl who came to snapchat the concert to all of her friends, individually
sit down, man

the couple who came to intensify their relation with each other because it’s sexier in public
sit down, man

the crowd who enunciates every single fucking word
sit down, man

y’all what is some good springtime music to listen to


Built To Spill - Carry The Zero

someone labeled my type as “tumblr cute” and it hurt so bad

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i dont recall

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im thinking bout getting a tattoo that reads “no you are not free to touch my hair” on my damn forehead. it’s the only way


social networking + iPhones is too much power I swear it

how is it even legal to carry something in your pocket that is almost exclusively used to do irrevocable shit

like even with a tattoo u can get it removed or cover it with another tat or throw on a turtleneck or something

but google me in fifty years and i betchu the love poem i wrote in 10th grade and forgot to post as anonymous on my crush’s formspring is still in the first 30